A long-standing partnership with renowned service providers in executive protection enables RW to provide a range of services intended to an upscale clientele for whom safety is of paramount importance. Whether you need special assistance during risky travel arrangements or need framework during special events, our partners will be able to identify and prevent potential threats. We are committed preserving the confidentiality of any information supplied to us.



The French Riviera is one of the most valuable coastlines for discovering new artists and cultures; our company is offering you to discover our heritage with an exciting tour. This personalised program will reveal our large regional geography and will invite you to discover the prestigious architectural symbols and breathe taking landscapes, or taste our culinary specialities. You will also stretch the pleasure by enjoying the magical atmosphere of our traditional evening events.



You are planning a last-minute stay or business trip; we may facilitate your booking with our selection of famous hotels. Our Business is dedicated to providing exceptional professional services reflecting experience and expertise to meet and even exceed your requirements and expectations at best.



In this world of prestige and luxury, RW is committed to supplying our customers with alluring and unique services: private booking. A large range of reception facilities (sumptuous villas, castles, hippest clubs, sites offering stunning views, …) are also available for private hire either in part or in full and enables us to suit all types of events like seminars, team building, or gala events. We are able to arrange truly sophisticated fun, a unique atmosphere coupled with the magic of the moment.



If your time is tight and you are looking for advice for your personal purchases, RW is able to assisting you with a personal shopper that will provide expert advice and give the highest level of customized service possible. These experts will help you pick the right products for your individual needs.



Concerned about your health, we work in all confidentiality to meet your expectations, by offering you impeccable quality service. We only offer French quality to European standards which are essential in order to treat all types of pathologies (diabetes, cholesterol, male impotence, food supplements, etc.). A home delivery service is available on request.